Fjórir [ A TCG Tradepost ]


A TCG tradepost

My love, my love

I will cherish you until my breath runs out

You have stumbled upon the TCG collective of Kaz. Fjórir translates simply to "four" in Old Norse (and Icelandic I think), and refers to this fourth incarnation of my tradepost. /uncreative

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Trading Requirements

The hidden memories light up my heart

  • When sending an offer - please don't offer me random cards for anything in my Will Trade section. You may ask that I take a look at your tradepost if you have nothing concrete to offer, but I might still decline to trade.
  • When sending an offer - if there is more than one card from a deck, please write out the card name fully, and not as deck01/02/03. Thank you!

Sunday 7 July, 2019


Oh boy, TCG world, long time no see. Dusting off the old tradepost for Wonderland.

Rahenna at
Much love to Rahenna for hosting the site.♥

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