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A TCG tradepost

My love, my love

I will cherish you until my breath runs out

You have stumbled upon the TCG collective of Kaz. Fjórir translates simply to "four" in Old Norse (and Icelandic I think), and refers to this fourth incarnation of my tradepost. /uncreative

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Trading Requirements

The hidden memories light up my heart

  • When sending an offer - please don't offer me random cards for anything in my Will Trade section. You may ask that I take a look at your tradepost if you have nothing concrete to offer, but I might still decline to trade.
  • When sending an offer - if there is more than one card from a deck, please write out the card name fully, and not as deck01/02/03. Thank you!

Wednesday 27 January, 2016

A bit of housekeeping

Removed Brilliant and Ponyo, in the process of updating links to Moving Lines.

Thursday 05 November, 2015

New TCG + actual deck-making progress!

Joined a Studio Ghibli TCG - Ponyo! And have started making decks for Emvee, so yay on both fronts~

Saturday 04 July, 2015

Another hiatus!


I'm so excited, it'll be my first trip to both the U.S. and Canada! So whilst I make one last update to all active TCGs, I won't be accepting any trades after this weekend. By accept, I mean I won't be on hand to reply to any emails, so unless you can wait 1.5 months for a response, please don't send me any.

Monday 01 June, 2015

Back to the usual

Removed Reflection, which is on indefinite hiatus, and Wonderland, which hasn't been updated since January. T_T So sad, the Wonderland cards are so lovely. I don't know whether to quit Rapture or not - where have all the members gone?! XD

In other news, I've made a proper start on the Asian Entertainment TCG and the newer Music Video TCG. If only I could get my head around all this MyTCG stuff...

Monday 23 February, 2015



I'll be heading off on a trip to South Korea for the next few weeks. I'll certainly answer any trade emails currently in my inbox, but consider this the last update before I come back~ You're welcome to send me any new trade offers, but I won't get a chance to look through them until after March 10th at the earliest.

Friday 02 January, 2015


Happy New Year! For a fresh start, I'll be doing some housekeeping and removing Charm, Ever After and Reverie as they've either disappeared or gone on indefinite hiatus. I did however join Portrait recently, a Photoshoots TCG. Progress on my own games is still slow going because of work, but one of my resolutions is to be better with my time management in order to do everything I want to in a day. Wish me luck!

Saturday 20 September, 2014


Widened the layout to include space for subpages, but attempt to clean up CSS totally failed. Will have to do it again bit by bit to see what went wrong...

Saturday 26 July, 2014

The person I thought I forgot

New layout skins, new eTCG setup, new domain! What was going to be a lazy weekend turned out to be quite busy on this end haha. I'll just be happy once I'm done and everything works. ♥

Rahenna at
Much love to Rahenna for hosting the site.♥

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